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DMD Electrical, Fire and Security can install wired, wireless and Hybrid Smart security alarm systems in Warrington, Cheshire and the north west., When your home alarm is triggered by an intruder the alarm will send you push and or voice notifications to your mobile devices or if chosen Our monitoring centre will contact you and your nominated keyholders as soon as the alarm is activated, so you have more time to return home and secure your property. Our Lifestyles now require everyday solutions that keep you in control anytime, anywhere. DMD Electrical, Fire and Security Smart security systems Uses the latest security, so you can remotely connect with your home with our App and always stay in touch through your smartphone or tablet.

Since 2007, DMD Electrical Fire and Security has become a leading provider of Electrical installation,Burglar Alarm, Access control and CCTV systems across Warrington, Cheshire and the North West.

Intruder alarm grading

Commercial and Domestic alarm systems are graded between 1 to 4. This grading is to represent the level of protection that is required and is classed a risk assessment on the content of your building, and your building’s fabric and structure. The grade you will require is usually specified by your insurance company, we can advise on what level is suited to your site.

Grade 1 – Low Risk

Burglars are expected to have little knowledge of the alarm system and may be restricted to a limited range of easily available tools.

Grade 2 – Low to Medium Risk

Burglars are expected to have a little more knowledge of the alarm system and use a general range of tools and some specialist equipment.

Grade 3 – Medium Risk

Burglars are expected to be conversant with the intruder alarm system and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment.

Grade 4 – High Risk

To be used when security takes precedence over all other factors. Burglars are expected to have the resources to plan an intrusion in detail and have a full range of equipment, including the means to substitute vital components in the business alarm system.

Most commercial premises will require a grade 2 or 3 system. Grade 4 commercial alarm systems are usually only specified for high value, high risk environments such as art galleries, jewellers and banks.


DMD Fire and Security Smart alarm security system.